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  • Open mouth dental

    The mouth opener separators maintain the patient's mouth open without causing discomfort, they exist in different sizes for adults and children.

  • Sharpening
  • Dental pliers
  • Articulators

    It is a tool for diagnosis and treatment restorer. They can be fixed dental models simulating mandibular movement.

  • Dental carvers

    Variety of dental carvers and carvers spatula, long and thin handle with one or two active sides, made of stainless steel.

  • Trays

    Wide variety of trays for dental instruments in different materials and different uses trays drawers, trays for dental work.

  • Scalpels
  • Burnisher

    Variety of dental burnishers used in dental amalgam work, its active end is rounded small and smooth.

  • Chisels

    Surgical chisels are used to cut bone flap processes and removing traces of fiber.

  • Knifes
  • curettes

    The scalers are dental instruments used in removing plaque located on the root surface to remove the infection, formed by two active ends and a long thin handle.

  • Elevators
  • probe endodoncia

    Variety of endodontic probe for root canal explorer, with single and dual active ends.

    Used to probe and detect canal openings within the pulp chamber

  • Spatulas

    Dental spatulas are used for mixing silicone, cement, separation matrices, with double ends or simple, with different shapes and sizes.

  • spatulas to model...
  • Mirrors
    Variety of dental, mirrors flat mirrors, magnifying mirrors, rhodium and also find mirrors handles different brands.
  • Excavators

    Dental excavators are used for work in the dentin and caries, formed by two sharp ends to eliminate caries in dentin.

  • Forceps

    The forceps are dental instruments used in tooth extraction. We supply in different forms depending on tooth and size adult or children.

  • Instrumental vario
  • Modellers and carvers
  • Tweezers

    Dental tweezers are instruments used by the dentist in a variety of jobs. We have a wide range of surgical tweezers, for articulating paper with teeth.

  • Retractors

    Separators cheek help the dentist in oral surgery and orthodontic work dental restoration, also in photographic oral doses. We Have in different sizes adults and children

  • Probes

    The exploration and periodontal probes are used by the dentist to diagnose periodontal disease, tooth decay. Hu-Friedy brands, Maillefer and Asa

  • Scissors

    Cutting instruments of various shapes, sizes and lengths for use in dental surgeries and general dentistry.